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Your government is watching you . . .

Image: Your Government is watching you.


Confirmation today — what we’ve long suspected — our Governments are illegally watching and monitoring all of our electronic communications. Here’s a selection of related articles and references which I’ve posted to my NOTES regarding these latest disclosures:

Government Spooks



Privacy Commissioner

‘Blame it on Twitter’

Image: "Twittering Taksim" ~ LatoffImage 2013 © Latuff

Turkey Rising . . .

Using hash tags such as #occupyturkey and #occupygezi, the uprising in Turkey is organising itself — drawing Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to describe Twitter as a menace to society. Erdogan’s comments are summarised in this report from Fairfax Media, and I’m posting a watching brief on the unfolding events to my NOTES.

Change at Google-Plus

.Image: Google clock.

Big changes this past week to the interface at Google-Plus — and with them come some changes to the way in which I’ll use that platform. This post explains:

Until now, my Wall at Google-Plus has been a useful, tidy tool for aggregating articles, commentaries, references and assorted Links — a ready resource for readers who may be interested in some more background material on the items posted here at Disidento.. WhistleblowersDrone Warfare; Hugo ChavezZionism; Spooks; and the War on Iraq; being just a few examples from my recent posts which have linked to Google-Plus.

Among the 43-changes, Google-Plus has altered the sizing of their composition window, which, effectively, has now made it difficult to assemble or aggregate complex posts, such as those in my given examples, above.

So, starting with yesterday’s Blog post, background articles and references will now be aggregated and published in my NOTES.



A selection of articles and commentaries
on the recent changes at Google-Plus . . .

Changes at Google-Plus

On censorship (2)

Image: Facebook spamClick . . . to enlarge:

‘Facebook Spam’

Facebook activists complaining their posts and images have been deleted or blocked — sound familiar? Facebook’s “terms and conditions” drove me away in September 2011 and I published a post at the time [Facebook Fail] outlining my reasons for switching to Google-Plus.

My Facebook account is seldom used . . . and, just today, yet another reminder why:

Someone shared my ANZAC Day post on Facebook. When their friends clicked on the Link they were confronted with a warning that my Site may be unsafe. I checked it out. Yep, there it was, a warning from Facebook plastered right across the top of my post: “Facebook thinks this Site may be unsafe,” it says.

Unsafe? — unsafe for what?? — our minds???


On dissent (3)

Image: Patrick O'Brien - 2008Image 2008 © Patrick O’Brien

“You have a voice,
a camera, and
the internet.
Use it.”

Unknown  ~



Telling our stories . . .

The Citizen Journalist

‘Google Glass Project’

HTGO BannerImage 2013 © Google Glass

Orwell’s telescreens have arrived — they’ll be strapped to our faces — and I’ve posted some related references and notes about developments to my Wall at Google-Plus, here:

Google Glass Project

Patrick O’Brien – Gallery:

Image: Patrick O'Brien ~ 2008Image 2008 © Media Works

A Google search for pictures and photographs of “Patrick O’Brien” has provided some amusing results says a recent correspondent looking for my images to illustrate a story. This may assist — my personal picture gallery; a time-line of images from birth:

Photo Gallery



My chronicles . . .

● http://patrickobrien.wordpress.com/about/

‘Telling our Stories’

"Keep telling your story ―all must be heard." ~ Anonymous.

“Keep telling your story. All must be heard.”  ~ Anonymous

In 2009, a woman wrote asking my help to write her story which she intended leaving as a legacy for her granddaughter from who she’d become estranged following a family feud. I hitchhiked a week to reach her home, camped on the lawn, and, for several more days, sat on her porch drinking tea while listening as she answered my questions.

The project was ambitious — a broad, sweeping canvas comprised of all events that shaped and formed her life. Photographs; poetry; favourite recipes, prayers and quotes; family-stories handed down; birthdays and anniversaries. There were the celebrations; the triumphs and the failures, the tears and the laughter . . . a rich and human account.

I left her with a simple plan:

(1) Build a personal Blog using WordPress. Access to the Blog can be public, private, password restricted or limited to only certain people, as one wishes.

(2) To provide structure, run the Blog for a 12-month period (or, 365 days) with the beginning and end dates to suit oneself (here’s an example of this structure at work).

(3) Using a yearly planner, mark out all the birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates to be recorded, and schedule a post to be published on each of those days. This might also include days for such things as letters and photographs, or any event which can be dated.

(4) Remaining days can be used for anything and everything one might wish to write or post. Thoughts; dreams; hopes and wishes; one’s view of the world, much like a diary.

Had my grandmother left me such a gift  . . . it would be a priceless treasure.

‘Blogging for Kiddies’

― This is a blog post ―


Blogging for dunces.
In the event you missed it — this is a Blog post
. . .

When writing stories at infant school, I would always head up the page with STORY. The same when drawing pictures — across the top in nice bold letters — I’d write the word PICTURE (just to make sure that everyone understood my intent).

WordPress now does a similar thing; their recent “enhancement” of the format options removes any confusion that readers might have as to what they’re viewing. Bold notices rendered across the head of posts will tell you whether you’re looking at an IMAGE, a LINK, a VIDEO, or any one of the seven options.

Blogging-for-kiddies is how I describe this “enhancement”.

Last month I posted a question in the WordPress Forums asking for an option to turn it off. No such luck with this week’s announcement from WordPress their enhancement is here to stay.

My apologies to adult readers of my Blogs . . .



Big kudos to WordPress who’ve been listening and changed
the where and how this enhancement renders on our Blogs;
placement now more discretely beside the date and credits:

Examples . . .


‘Global Peace and Justice’

A useful resource . . .

“Global Peace and Justice Auckland was formed in response to the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan post 9-11.’

‘Our goal was to bring together all peace and justice groups where we share common objectives. We are concerned about issues in Aotearoa (New Zealand) as well as internationally.’

‘Our regular activities include a monthly forum covering a wide range of issues usually with guest speakers or film/video.’

‘We also produce an e-newsletter to inform people about activities in Auckland and provide the most important messages from other groups in the broader peace and justice movement. We also select and link to articles that we hope are useful for keeping up with the news from the world’s media as well as statements from groups in NZ that maybe don’t make the mainstream press.”

Global Peace and Justice