Telling lies to the Nation . . .

by Patrick O'Brien

Image: New Zealand Prime Minister John Key telling lies to the Nation.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key appeared on national television last evening and lied to the nation about his GCSB spying bill which will “legalise” the collection of all our communications on behalf of American spy agencies . . . see here for the interview.

The Prime Minister said that the GCSB will not be collecting all our data — but, when challenged about New Zealand’s role in Five-Eyes and the collection of all our data, (that’s what they do), he refused to answer — waving a dismissive hand at questions about PRISM and X-KeyScore.

John Key’s lies are disassembled here by Dr Rodney Harrison QC., the NZ Law Society.



Oooops !!!

Caught in his lie, John Key backs down
and now he asks for us to trust him . . .

John Key issues new GCSB pledge



Collating the half-truths and lies:

John Key – Liar?