‘The Evidence Room’

by Patrick O'Brien

Image: padlockImage 2013 © Patrick O’Brien

It was a standard practise to tamper with the evidence. Often, the exhibit that
was before the court was not the exhibit that I had purchased or obtained
from the target.” ~ Patrick O’Brien | Campbell Live, TV3 News

A former detective sergeant in charge of the Northland Organised Crime Unit has been charged with the supply of cannabis and methamphetamine which he took from a police exhibits locker, aka the evidence room.

While the courts will decide a verdict — every drug squad informant knows that police exchange drugs for information, it’s standard practise, nothing out of the ordinary, and a reasonable presumption can be made that, in this particular case, the detective must have pissed someone off to find himself in this predicament.

Bad luck, copper . . . here’s what usually happens:

Secret Inquiry