‘Snout in the public trough’

by Patrick O'Brien

Image: Paula Bennett — snout in the public troughImage 2013 Fairfax Media

— Paula Bennett —

When one spends one’s entire adult life with one’s snout in the public trough, one will look like one Paula Bennett, pictured here, having consumed more than is necessary for one. Paula lives a life of privilege. More than $250,000 per annum from a Government salary, plus tens of thousands more in related perks, this is the person responsible for leading the Government’s charge against our least privileged — the sick, the poor, the homeless.

Paula’s always had it good. State funded education, State funded benefit as a solo-mum, and State funded housing. Yes, Paula Bennett’s had it all . . .

Today, Paula pulled up the ladder behind her — and here’s a New Zealand Herald report:

Thousands will Suffer after Benefit Changes