“Yes, Minister . . .”

by Patrick O'Brien

Image: Insignia of New Zealand Police.

An open letter to the Minister of New Zealand Police
. . .


18 May 2013

Anne Tolley
Minister of Police
The Parliament

Dear Ms Tolley

I saw you on television this evening — wheeling-the-spin when yet another member of your department got busted for dealing methamphetamine.

Playing politics with this tragedy, you told New Zealanders we could have “absolute” confidence in the transparency of our police department investigating themselves.

Absolute? – really? – are you a liar, or plain pig ignorant?

Just this month, the Ombudsman upheld my complaint that police would not respond to my request for a copy of that report from their “independent” inquiry — an inquiry into my tampering with evidence and telling lies in court to obtain convictions against my targets while working as an agent-provocateur for the Crown.

You know this; the related correspondence has crossed your desk.

And now, the Ombudsman is investigating another complaint that police, when they did finally respond to my request — have refused to provide me a copy of that report and its findings.

Transparent, you say . . .

So, which is it? – are you a liar, or plain pig ignorant?


Patrick O’Brien
X-Constable 3667



It’s official — New Zealand Police will not release the findings of
their independent inquiry into my perjury and evidence tampering:

Secret Inquiry