Change at Google-Plus

by Patrick O'Brien

.Image: Google clock.

Big changes this past week to the interface at Google-Plus — and with them come some changes to the way in which I’ll use that platform. This post explains:

Until now, my Wall at Google-Plus has been a useful, tidy tool for aggregating articles, commentaries, references and assorted Links — a ready resource for readers who may be interested in some more background material on the items posted here at Disidento.. WhistleblowersDrone Warfare; Hugo ChavezZionism; Spooks; and the War on Iraq; being just a few examples from my recent posts which have linked to Google-Plus.

Among the 43-changes, Google-Plus has altered the sizing of their composition window, which, effectively, has now made it difficult to assemble or aggregate complex posts, such as those in my given examples, above.

So, starting with yesterday’s Blog post, background articles and references will now be aggregated and published in my NOTES.



A selection of articles and commentaries
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Changes at Google-Plus