Enslavement of a nation . . .

by Patrick O'Brien

Image: IMF enslavement of New Zealanders

―  International Monetary Fund  ―

Kiwis should now be very concerned — the IMF is “full of praise” for the direction our economy is headed.

After meeting Prime Minister John Key on the fringes of the Bo’ao Forum in China last night, IMF managing director Christine Lagarde talked to New Zealand reporters about the general health of the economy in light of a recent assessment of fiscal and monetary policy:

“All I can tell you is the International Monetary Fund is very supportive of what is being done by the New Zealand Government,” she said.



Why is my daddy out of work?

“Prior to joining the World Bank, New Zealand had no unemployment and we enjoyed the third highest standard of living in the developed world.

Today, New Zealand is a debtor nation, technically bankrupt, and, in recent recent years, successive Governments have begun selling off our assets and our infrastructure to satisfy demands of the world’s banks.”

Jobless and Betrayed