Leila Khaled

by Patrick O'Brien

. Image: Leila Khaled ― Palestinian freedom fighter

― Freedom Fighter ―

Leila Khaled burst into my consciousness during the late 1960s when she and other members of the “Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine” brought their struggle against Israel’s cruel and brutal occupation of their home to our attention by hijacking aeroplanes.

In an interview published this week by The National, Khaled says that hijacking was an effective, short-lived tactic which the PFLP used for only three years, until 1970 when the world responded to the Palestinian struggle:

“They hijacked our homeland, nobody asked us. Nobody asked why the Israelis did so, why the Zionists did so. Why they were supported by the West, and the Americans in particular. Nobody asked that question why. We had to ring that bell and we rang that bell and it was effective.”

Full text of the interview is here . . .

An interview with Leila Khaled



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