On loss . . .

by Patrick O'Brien

Image: of loss and griefImage 2012 © Kris Trappenirs

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything

that we’re free to do anything.”

~  Chuck Palahniuk  ~

“Loss” is a sacred gift — although I’ve needed to experience it many times and in many forms before I understood this simple truth.

We associate loss with pain and for most of us the pain of our loss will feel unbearable: the loss of a loved one; our reputation or social status; our health; a career; maybe our wealth; the loss of our liberty through incarceration. Everything we know can be lost.

We feel this pain in our hearts like a deep aching wound and it’s understandable we may try to block it off. In desperation, some of us resort to medicating ourselves with drugs or alcohol, some partake in reckless and dangerous behaviour — anything, but anything, to stop the pain — and yet our hearts only become hardened by turning away.

Pain opens our hearts and allows a connection with the Divine. It is a blessing.