‘Blogging for Kiddies’

by Patrick O'Brien

― This is a blog post ―


Blogging for dunces.
In the event you missed it — this is a Blog post
. . .

When writing stories at infant school, I would always head up the page with STORY. The same when drawing pictures — across the top in nice bold letters — I’d write the word PICTURE (just to make sure that everyone understood my intent).

WordPress now does a similar thing; their recent “enhancement” of the format options removes any confusion that readers might have as to what they’re viewing. Bold notices rendered across the head of posts will tell you whether you’re looking at an IMAGE, a LINK, a VIDEO, or any one of the seven options.

Blogging-for-kiddies is how I describe this “enhancement”.

Last month I posted a question in the WordPress Forums asking for an option to turn it off. No such luck with this week’s announcement from WordPress their enhancement is here to stay.

My apologies to adult readers of my Blogs . . .



Big kudos to WordPress who’ve been listening and changed
the where and how this enhancement renders on our Blogs;
placement now more discretely beside the date and credits:

Examples . . .