Complaint to the Ombudsmen:

by Patrick O'Brien

“In New Zealand, police corruption is investigated by . . . the police.”Image: Jennifer Chase

Obstruct, delay refuse . . .

I wrote to the Chief Ombudsman today — a letter of complaint about the New Zealand police department which has not responded to my earlier Official Information Request.

The department’s behaviour will come as no surprise to regular readers of my Blogs and here’s an earlier post listing my previous requests which have been refused or ignored. In the past, I’ve been content for their refusals to stand — an example of the culture: obstruct, delay, refuse.

This time is different:

Briefly . . . in November 2007 I wrote to the Chief Justice of New Zealand, Dame Sian Elias, and confessed telling lies in court to obtain convictions against my targets while working as an agent-provocateur for the Crown. The police department followed up my confession with an inquiry and this Official Information Request relates specifically to five reports on the police file.

It’s my intention (after redacting the names of all third-parties) to publish those reports.

Here’s my correspondence with the Ombudsmen:



Some background material and a summary of events . . .

My letter to the Queen