On the destruction of Syria:

by Patrick O'Brien

US Government ― the enemy of all humanityImage © Carlos Latuff

“Weapons of Mass Destruction”

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me . . .

US-NATO propaganda about Syria has been a daily staple in the western media this past year — lies, lies and more lies as the US Government prepares our minds to accept their “justification” for destroying yet another country. Destroying other countries is what the US Government does; either overtly or covertly, it’s been their standard modus operandi for well over 100 years.

Foreign fighters — financed, trained and armed by the US Government — are losing the battle to over throw Syria’s Government, and so, in a now familiar pattern, we’re being warned that Assad is about to use Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction . . . Iraq-II, anyone?

With a US-NATO invasion imminent, I have posted a selection of commentaries and indepth analysis on my Wall at Google-Plus which disassemble the lies we’re being told:

Destruction of Syria