The citizen journalist:

by Patrick O'Brien

We must continue to tell our stories.
Telling our stories . . .

Our main-stream-media are failing their duty to reliably inform — seemingly content, without question or critical analysis, to simply parrot Governmental press releases on any issue. One case in point these past few weeks was their willingness to regurgitate Israel’s narrative on Gaza that, somehow, Israelis are the innocent victims of their own cruel and brutal occupation of Palestine.

Ventriloquism is not journalism!

This situation will get worse as media companies continue laying-off more staff and we need look to alternatives. Enter citizen journalists . . . we the people.

Here’s some timeless advice from a grizzly old photojournalist:

“Never fall for the misguided notion that there is a difference between the “press” and everybody else. Everyone is “the press”. In an ideal world it would be possible for a dying reporter or photographer to pass the notebook or camera to an ordinary person and know that the story would be told.” ~ Lex Jenkins

We must tell our own stories and here is a selection of scholarly articles on the subject:

Citizen Journalism