― Rule 101 ―

by Patrick O'Brien

New Zealand Police telling lies is systemicImage 2012 André Koehne

New Zealand Police tell lies:

Rule-101 for police officers is simple — tell the truth — exception being New Zealand police where telling lies is systemic. Examples abound, and, just last month, I posted on one case where New Zealand police were judged guilty of a “significant” deceit” when caught out telling lies to the court.

New Zealand police are arrogant and shameless, with the Police Association President, Gregory (I’ve never used drugs) O’Connor, now attempting to excuse their lying filth in that case by blaming a dead judge* — really, he did, I’m not making this up.

The commissioner of New Zealand police needs to man-up and face the truth because New Zealanders deserve better than insults from some snivelling brat in the wings.



Ooops — caught in another lie . . .

‘Evidence conflicts with court records’ ~ David Fisher | New Zealand Herald

November 24, 2012 — “Evidence by a senior police officer about a judge helping stack up false charges to protect an undercover agent has clashed with details in a court file. The details show testimony from the head of the police undercover programme pitted against a signed statement by a court manager.”